Order original photographic prints on archival rag pearl stock photo paper or prints on canvas by contacting Michael Hayes via the form below. The work above, featuring Abraham Lincoln by the infamous, unknown graffiti artist named Banksy–though in low-res in this posting–is shot with a medium format Holga using square exposures (6×6), and as I advanced closer to Banksy’s Abraham Lincoln (now destroyed) on Cleveland Street in New Orleans, I advanced the film slowly, refocused and took an underexposed shot with each advance. The image of Banksy’s piece below is unique and indelible, especially when it is printed on canvas at a size of 48″ x 95.13″. Limited print of five, each priced at $2,400. Shipping and handling is covered by the purchaser of the art work.

Order Form

Banksy - abraham lincoln by michael v. hayes


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