About Me

My name is Michael Hayes, and I’m not the wrestler, nor am I the famous screenwriter, nor am I the unfortunate, late character played by the once-eminent David Caruso…so hopefully me just being me won’t deter you in your search for meaning.

I am an actor, photographer, guerrilla filmmaker, oil painter, and writer of messy one-acts, fiction that perambulates, and rare ambiguous poems. I now live in Louisville, Kentucky, having just lived in New Orleans, LA for the past eight years. This visual blog, “le doux du jour” is meant to bring you today’s tasty jewel as captured through my lightbox. Light does all of the work. It is the same light in Kentucky as it is in the Big Easy. I can only do my best and use these instruments to bring you to perhaps pause and wonder at the beauty of our world and the people within it.

Thank you for visiting my site!



2 comments on “About Me”

  1. you give “us” some wonderful images..
    thank you
    -lynne- (oh, I’m a hayes too)

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